"The artist needs an essential talent. This cannot be replaced by either painstaking effort or patience..."  



Depictions of the natural world are more complete than nature itself. What you see within a portrait painting is not only what has been presented in the painting itself, but also includes the artist’s inner personality, their soul, and their changing emotions… A scene in a painting may evolve from an interpretation of a momentary view or even a particular color, but it is not limited by time or space. To be specific: “if I paint red in my works, I intend to depict autumn. I may only be painting a few leaves and lotus, but the meaning is all encompassing.”


In terms of counter-tradition: the counter-tradition is certainly an extension of the traditional. I think that the counter-tradition will eventually become tradition itself. For example, a sturdy tree can prove its root is everlasting. Even if the tree has died, the roots remain alive, eventually growing to sprout another tree. It sometimes looks as though the traditional charm has disappeared; however, since the tradition is the foundation, and if the foundation is great, the extension will surely will be greater. With a burst of energy another tree will emerge! Do not abandon tradition; instead pay attention to it. The rich intent of tradition can demonstrate its essence.


With regard to contemporary art: as one lives in the present age, the speech, the behavior, the thought processes and the creations all possess a contemporary feeling. We therefore do not need to emphasize the realism: “where I am.” We are unable to understand how the ancients were able to create enormous symmetrical statues. The ancients would likewise be unable to comprehend the works of our digital age. Each time period has a one-sidedness and a conventional characteristic.


Concerning the abstract: once a painting has physically formed it is no longer abstract, it is apart of our reality. Abstraction is not a picture with strange, uncertain elements or something that people simply cannot understand. Abstraction can actually be described as “the one who possesses abstract thinking!” An abstract painting releases a poetic feeling that leaves viewers with the opportunity to use their own imagination. Such a painting cannot be explained. Given this understanding, my definition of the symbol and abstract is quite different: the symbol touches the eyes, the abstract touches the mind.