Yelan will attending an exhibition in Beijing, from June 1st  until the 14th. The Exhibition, titled "Save As VI," will be held at the Yan Huang Art Museum and will exhibit ink paintings and installations. Other participants include Yelan's former professors and classmates from Renmin University.

 Yelan holds an ongoing exhibition in her studio at Shanghai M50 Art Area (50 Moganshan Road), Room 111, Building 3.


2018 – ‘Fan Beauty,’ East Hedge Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2018 – ‘Into the Dream,’ Ahn Luh, Zhujiajiao, Shanghai

2015-2017 – ‘L’ Art de Voir’ Lyon Inne’ Art Gallery, France

2016 – ‘Black And White Nude,’ Holland 

2015 – ‘Art3f --1st International Contemporary Art Fair, ’Bordeaux, France

2015 – ‘Art3f Paris--1st International Contemporary Art Fair, ’Paris, France

2013 – ‘Ink painting,’ Chicago BRAUER Museum, USA

2012 – ‘Inverse Conversations,’ Phoenix ASU’s STEP Gallery, USA

2011 – ‘Solo Yelan of Man, Lotus, Dance, and Dream,’ ARTISHOP Gallery, Hong Kong

2010 – ‘100%Design Shanghai,’ Shanghai Exhibition Center

2009 – ‘Young Artist Japan,’ Tokyo, Japan

2009 – ‘Floating in Intimacy—Solo Exhibition of Yelan 2009,’ Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai

2008 – ‘Time Out Shanghai—Affordable Art Fair,’ Shanghai

2008 – ‘359°Three in One—China-Japan Art Exchange in Two Cities,’ Shanghai SHUN Art Gallery and Shenyang LUXUN Art Academy Museum

2008 – ‘Goodbye! My love--Teresa Teng 13th Anniversary Memorial Exhibition,’ SHUN Art Gallery, Shanghai 

2008 – ‘Bright spring day—Striking Body & Lotus Dancing of Yelan,’ SHUN Art Gallery, Shanghai

2007 – ‘Day Dreaming—Shun Art Gallery 2007 Retrospective Exhibition,’ SHUN Art Gallery, Shanghai

2007 – ‘Art Beijing 2007,’ Beijing

2007 – ‘Art Shanghai 2007,’ Shanghai

2007 – ‘Feeling Exhibition from Yelan and Louis,’ IFA Village Gallery, Shanghai

2006-2008 – ‘Shanghai Youth and Midlife Artist Commending,’ Shanghai Mingyuan Art Center

2006-2009 – ‘Shanghai Art Fair,’ Shanghai

2006 – ‘Lotus Rain,’ Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai

2006 – ‘Solo Yelan in Shanghai,’ Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai

2005 – ‘Shanghai Artists Works,’ New Creative Gallery, Shanghai

2004 – ‘Man’ Series & ‘Lotus’ Series Exhibition Tour, Paris, Nantes, and Laval, France

2003 – ‘Save As-Group Exhibition’, New Millennium Art Gallery, Beijing

2002 – ‘In the Mirror and beyond’ Fifth National Chinese Painting Exhibition, Beijing Yan-Huang Art Museum